Certification and Calibration

Data network certification

Data networks must be thoroughly tested after installation. Microtron offers you this service in an all-in package. We help you with the testing for the certification of installed data networks. Our technician comes on site and performs the measurements with one of your technicians. This allows any repairs to be carried out quickly and the measurements to be completed. You can also choose to do the measurements yourself and hire the certification tester from us. We give you the explanations necessary so that you can work on this yourself.

Narda certification

Radiation sources are all around us, but when is radiation harmful? What standards must be observed, and how can we measure the radiation? With Narda, we have the perfect tools for you for this. You can call on our specialists to carry out the measurements for you and to provide you with the correct certificate. You can also choose to perform the measurements yourself. Our team will be happy to help you with the necessary training so that you can do this completely autonomously.  


Narda Calibration


If you have your own radiation meter, it is necessary to be sure that the measurements are correct. That is why it is important to calibrate your device regularly. Microtron offers you this service. Not only do we handle the calibration, we also adjust the device if necessary so that you can be sure of the calibration of your device and that it complies with the standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005. 

FormFactor Calibration

Probe stations must be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate movements within certain specifications. Because you do not easily send away an appliance weighing an average of 1000 kg, our specialists come to do this on site. A matrix calibration, linear calibration, temperature or realignment calibration - we can do it all. 

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