Software services

Custom imaging

If the existing software packages do not offer a solution for your project, our software specialists will provide a custom software package. Our experts will sit down with you to map out all your needs, requirements and wishes. Based on this, they will develop a package entirely according to the needs of your project. 

Burn-in testing

To ensure that a device or system works properly, it is subjected to a burn-in test. We thus ensure that the device delivered to you does not show any defects and that the weak components have already been replaced. We have our own space to perform the burn-in testing and to replace any defective components quickly and efficiently. 


It is not always necessary to have a custom software package developed for a project. There are many software packages available on the market. and they can be combined to achieve the desired functionality. Our experts can help you with this configuration. They look at what you need, what is available and put together the package that works for you. 

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