A correct stock count in no time? With RFID scanning, that's no problem at all.

Do you sometimes spend days on the annual inventory or do you even have to close your business for a few days to do the count, only to come to the conclusion that mistakes have still occurred? Are there errors with the count because a barcode is not scanned properly? Are the same products in different locations in your warehouse, which makes the stock count difficult? What if we told you that stock counting and stock management can be much faster and more accurate with RFID technology? We will explain how in this blog post.

The right stock levels throughout the year

With RFID scanning, inventories that take days to complete and rob several employees of their time are now a thing of the past. With the push of a button, all items equipped with an RFID tag can be read from a distance. So it is no longer necessary to scan thousands of barcodes or even to count them manually. This way, you can accomplish more work with fewer people, allowing your employees to concentrate on their main task within the company. The risk of errors is reduced significantly: forgotten products, illegible barcodes and counting errors are eliminated. Theft, shortages due to deviations in stock levels and other problems also become apparent immediately.

If you equip your warehouse with fixed scanners, you have a constant overview of where your goods are in the warehouse. Has a product gone missing? Then you can check the product's last location in the movement portals. Forklift trucks can also be equipped with RFID technology. This allows you to easily identify the location of pallets at all times, which saves time and reduces errors.  

An RFID scanner for every application

RFID scanners come in two different categories: handheld scanners or fixed scanners. Handheld scanners without a screen are called sleds. Mobile computers are retrofitted to these devices. This solution is ideal for companies that already use their own mobile scanners for their warehouse staff: you can simply carry on using the existing devices. Of course, you can also opt to use a handheld scanner with an integrated mobile computer.

The fixed variant can be divided into two broad categories:

A fixed scanner equipped with antennas, which can scan in all directions.

The transition scanners, which are positioned specifically at the entrance/exit of a particular zone or area. Transition scanners can therefore monitor which goods are entering or leaving a certain area of your warehouse.

When do I use which type of scanner?

Handheld scanners offer the advantage of mobility. If there is a need for frequent scanning in different locations, then this type of RFID scanner offers the highest level of convenience. Employees can check all the information and the history of specific products on a mobile computer.

Fixed scanners are of enormous value in large warehouses, where things often get lost or where many products have to travel a long way. The movements are recorded without any need for human intervention, which eliminates human error. Thanks to movement portals, you can easily find out in which area of the warehouse your goods are located.

We see that quite a few companies hesitate to take the first step: where do you start with this kind of project, and often there are a lot of "what if..." questions, or things are made to seem much more complex than they actually are. Ultimately, the choice of which type of RFID scanner to use depends on the company. To get the right mix of technologies tailored specifically to your business, consult with an RFID Solution Partner. At Microtron, we have extensive in-house expertise and will work with you to find the right equipment for your business. We have already helped to optimise the stock management of companies in various sectors, including logistics, pharmaceuticals, retail and many more.

Are you interested in how to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a long annual stock take? At Microtron, we are known for our personalised approach tailored to the needs of your company. Feel free to contact us for an appointment, we will be happy to help.

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