Anyone can sell industrial PCs, but not everyone can modify them if needed.

Do you need industrial computers but cannot find a model that meets all of the requirements for your situation? Do you not have the expertise in house to make the necessary modifications? Would you like to save valuable time and avoid unnecessary costs and risks? Microtron can guide you safely through the decision-making maze. 

The right advice

Often, a great many problems can be prevented by making the right choices at the start. What type of industrial computer best meets your needs? Should you opt for a panel PC, an industrial display or perhaps a (fanless) box PC? What should you take into accountyou’re your specific situation? Are there alternatives? And how much can be customised? It all starts with choosing the right foundation and then making the necessary modifications to optimise your device for your company.

An objective solution provider such as Microtron is specialised in IT solutions and services for each sector. We are not limited to one certain brand and can therefore guide you perfectly in making your choice. Our experts will lead you through choosing the right dimensions, heat management, robustness, personally customised processor board, availability, lifespan and much more. Thanks to years of experience and especially by working with you, we will find the ideal industrial PC solution for your situation(s).

Save time & avoid risks

In principle, modifications are needed for any device you purchase, in order for it to really 100% meet your needs. From installing customised software to pre-testing and pre-loading but also customised images etc. The possibilities for customisation are nearly endless. However, making the necessary modifications yourself can take a great deal of your valuable time and involve considerable risks.

We regularly see that customers take on the modification of their industrial PCs themselves, but ultimately come to the painful realisation that they do not have the right expertise or do not have sufficient expertise to achieve the desired result. This is usually after they have invested quite a lot of valuable time or when they run into defects or problems. Having everything set right again by experts then costs quite a lot of money.  

Those are reasons to leave the customisation of your industrial PCs to experts. They will provide a solution that perfectly meets your needs and do so as efficiently as possible. No wasted time, no risks and no unnecessary expenses later.

Service after purchase. More than a distributor

Some distributors are specialised in shifting boxes, without adding any value during the whole process. If something goes wrong, you then contact the manufacturer yourself. And there are some things that even the manufacturer will not do.

Microtron, by contrast, is a solution provider who handles everything. We collaborate with you. We advise, make modifications and provide the service needed after purchase. You have no stress thanks to delivery issues, administrative issues or minimum purchase values. We also always keep the products our customers need in stock.

Looking for the most suitable industrial computer for your situation(s)? Contact our experts for a no-obligation conversation.

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