Can rugged tablets save lives?

When it comes to saving lives, it is crucial that accurate real-time information is available to emergency services, such as the fire brigade, police and ambulance services. Intelligent on-board computers linked to robust laptops and tablets, can significantly increase the rates of success and public safety in emergencies.

A seamless flow of communications, visuals and navigation coordinates ensures that emergency services can operate quickly, efficiently and more successfully. Ruggedized or robust laptops and tablets are devices that can be taken anywhere. They are water resistant and dust and shockproof. The screens are easy to read in full sunlight and the batteries last much longer than standard devices.

Thanks to these rugged mobile tablets when linked to smart on-board computers, emergency services have invaluable real time information available to them during an incident: Where are the fire hydrants located in the building? What is the risk of hazardous substances being emitted? What is the victims status? Emergency services can instantly communicate with other crisis teams, sending photographs, communicating viable means of access, etc.

An affordable solution, customized to all emergency services organizations.

The fact that lives can be saved, by using state-of-the-art software and hardware technology means that police, fire brigades, ambulance and hospitals can easily see the huge potential in this important development. Microtron and system integrator, DatAction have therefore, joined forces to develop an affordable system concept that means on-board computer systems can be incorporated with toughened or rugged laptops and tablets.

DatAction is a ‘driving force’ in terms of development of premium in-vehicle and mobile information systems. Many essential services want to have more than an average solution. They want a more sophisticated communication system that is customized to meet their specific needs. In conjunction with Microtron, DatAction has developed an affordable solution where hardware and software systems can be offered at a price you’d normally pay for standard solutions.

Bringing together the right software, hardware know-how and expertise.

As a dedicated distributor, Microtron brings together the knowledge and expertise of their various partners, to achieve the best solution possible. For IT solutions for emergency services, Microtron has engaged the expertise of innovative companies Nexcom and Getac. Nexcom specializes in marketing on-board computers and screens that are equipped with specialist software, incorporating pre-loads and bios settings so that all requirements can be specifically customized to each client.

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