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Electromagnetic radiation, the concern of every company. Electromagnetic radiation, or EMF for "electromagnetic field", consists of electrical and magnetic waves that travel through space. WiFi, 3G, 4G antennas, soon 5G, radar installations, high voltage pylons ... High frequency radiation surrounds us.

Yes, electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous

The dangers of electromagnetic radiation are proven and known in the short term.

  • Thermal effects: increase in body temperature with other possible health effects, skin burns.
  • Non-thermal effects: headache, dizziness, nerve and muscle pain, high blood pressure, concentration problems, etc. Psychosomatic effects, ie physical effects, have also been noted, the causes of which appear to be psychological and whose exact physiological explanation still has to be are determined.

Microtron brings RadMan2 to the market.

With this device, the level of electromagnetic and electric fields emitted by a source can be measured and the user is notified if the allowable threshold is exceeded.

With the Narda RadMan2, every employee can know in real time and at any time whether he is being exposed to radiation that is unacceptable to his or her health.

RadMan2 is calibrated at the factory to the standards of the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and is therefore ready for use with the correct regulations.

In 2 versions (LT up to 8 GHz and XT up to 60 GHz) the RadMan2 offers 6 levels of LED display of the exceeded threshold, an audible alarm and a red upper LED strip for signaling in case of danger. Equipped with a rechargeable battery via a USB cable, it has an operational time of 800 hours. Easy to carry, IP65 protection, it is also equipped with a Data-Logger function that, with the help of the RadMan 2-TS Software, provides you with all the measured values in the field.

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