The right industrial PC for your application: a good start can avoid problems and unnecessary costs.

Do you have a development project or specific working conditions for which you need to use an industrial computer that functions optimally in your application or setup, but are you overwhelmed by the extensive range of brands and models? Do you need an adviser who can guide you in this search? Then choosing an objective partner with experience and expertise in various development processes is a decision that can save you a lot of time, money and problems.

As you have probably experienced yourself, there are many variables when choosing an industrial PC to suit your needs. There are often different options with advantages and disadvantages, but which options are most suitable depends on your priority and the application for which the computer will be used. Each model has specific properties, with possible points of attention. Moreover, customized solutions are also perfectly possible. There are many factors to take into account, such as price, quality, size, robustness, installation, user-friendliness, durability, compatibility, resistance.... The list goes on.
We will go through some of them for you.


Industrial PCs in industrial environments or integrated into lorries, buses, trains or emergency vehicles often have to withstand shocks and constant vibration. An industrial display for outdoor use, on the other hand, often has to be water resistant, made of stainless steel and have an anti-reflective screen. Our experts will guide you through the possibilities and limitations of dimensions, heat dissipation, robustness and a personally adapted processor board.


Integrating your industrial PC smoothly into your current infrastructure and having it to work with different components without any problems is an important feature. You should also pay attention to this when purchasing an industrial computer. Is the PC compatible with components from other brands? Or can it only connect to components of the same brand?


How secure should your industrial PC be? Do you have access to sensitive information or even personal data? Then it is important not to lose sight of the security aspect. Are there existing industrial computer models that meet your requirements? Or do you need a tailor-made solution?


Purchasing an industrial computer can be quite an investment. That is why you should also take the durability of a device into account. How long can a particular model last? Are certain components difficult to replace? Or can you always count on support from the manufacturer? In addition, you should also ask yourself whether the equipment is adapted to the rapid new developments in your sector and whether it is ready for the future.

The above elements are just some of the possible features to look for when purchasing an industrial computer. Microtron has a personal relationship with various suppliers and, thanks to that good relationship, often has 'inside' information about future technical and product developments before they are made public. Our broad range of industrial PCs from various global players offers a unique overview and insight into this market; in combination with our own Smart Technology engineers, we can design specific solutions for your needs.

Do you need an industrial computer but have no idea which option is most suitable for your specific work environment? Contact Microtron, and we will help you work out which option suits you best.

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