This is how Microtron ensures that your 5G network conforms to safety and legal standards

Thanks to 5G, your network issues are over. You can allow all users to enjoy a fast and stable data connection. But even more important than a reliable network is, of course, the safety of your users and personnel. That is why the radiation levels within your network have to be carefully monitored at all times. That is where Microtron comes in! We do not only supply electromagnetic measuring devices for detecting and mapping out hazardous radiation, we also provide support through advice and trainings.

What does 5G do?

In order to prevent a shortage of bandwidth at locations where the mobile network is used intensively, 5G makes use of Beam Forming. This means that multiple antennas can be aimed at a specific zone in order to (temporarily) boost the signal there. This leads to a higher bandwidth, but also to a higher concentration of radiation.

How do we deal with the risks of 5G?

In an uncontrolled environment, an increase in radiation can result in risks.

That is why the government dictates standards that regulate the maximum permissible amount of radiation in a certain zone. These maximum values are checked in two phases.

The operator responsible for infrastructure and its management is obligated to measure the radiation levels after installation and to adjust the equipment if they exceed the norms.

Depending on your location, the Belgian (BIPT), Dutch (Agentschap Telecom) or Luxembourg institute for telecommunication will perform an additional check.

To ensure that this double inspection happens quickly and precisely, Microtron offers specialized monitoring equipment. Our EU-approved Narda radiation meters enable telecom operators and safety institutes to easily and accurately map out the radiation field of a 5G network.

Temporary radiation detection keeps everyone safe

The safety of the users is guaranteed thanks to this double inspection. But what about the people who work in the vicinity of a transmitter mast? Microtron also offers an arsenal of measuring devices for day-to-day management that protect your personnel and that allows you to track down interferences in the network in the blink of an eye.

With the compact Narda RadMan series, everybody is protected during their work in and around the transmitter mast or communication installation. This mobile PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) timely warns its user against excess radiation levels through vibrations and sound signals.

Since interference can also be an indication of something going wrong in your network, it is important to immediately localise the interference. The portable Narda SignalShark can not only measure high speed radio frequencies, it can also analyse them.

With these applications, you ensure that your personnel can do their jobs in complete safety, worry-free and without loss of comfort.

Measure and know: this is how Microtron contributes to the safety of your network

A radiation meter is only reliable if it is calibrated correctly. Without proper calibration, it will not give the correct results, threatening the safety of your employees. That is why Microtron guarantees that all its meters are correctly calibrated in accordance with the legal requirements.

But no matter how accurate and reliable our meters may be, you can only really guarantee your safety if you know exactly how your measuring device works. That is why Microtron not only provides the EMF equipment, but also offers support through advice and trainings when desired.

This allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of a fast and safe 5G network, without any worries.

Are you interested in a safe 5G network? Microtron can give you advice on the measuring equipment that best suits the needs of your company. Contact us or have a look at our extensive product range online.

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