Why is it essential to calibrate and update your Narda measuring equipment in a timely manner.

Does your EMF meter still measure the correct parameters? Has the calibration of your measuring devices ever been delayed due to lack of time? Would you like to avoid sky-high fines and costs? In this blog, we review the importance of the correct calibration of all your measuring equipment.

Why does your measuring equipment need to be calibrated?

Calibration is actually a standard part of the maintenance of your measuring devices. Nevertheless, we see that this often receives little attention. However, not calibrating your devices on time can have many negative consequences.

With frequent use of devices, wear or simply deviation from the measurement results is of course unavoidable. The antenna may fall, the programmed standards may become obsolete etc., but all these things can cause measurement deviations, and if the measurements taken are not correct or reliable, radiation will be measured incorrectly. In addition, each test certificate includes the last calibration date. If the deadline of the next calibration is exceeded, the measurement may be declared invalid, so that your measurement no longer meets the legal requirements. Calibrating your device on time can save you a lot of time and effort.

In addition, calibrating your measuring devices is important not only for reliable measurements but also for safety. Exposure to excessive radiation poses a serious risk to the health of the persons concerned. If you regularly come into contact with radiation, it is important that your personal protective equipment is always up to date and displays the correct results. The radiation can also be measured higher than it actually is, which means that unnecessary measures are taken.

Also, the legislation on radiation is also very strict. There are standards and guidelines that must always be met. If you do not meet these standards, you will face very large fines. It is therefore also financially interesting to always be in order with the calibration of your measuring equipment.

When should your device be calibrated?

The number of times your device needs to be calibrated is fixed but depends on the type of device. You do not have to worry about losing sight of the deadline: the device itself indicates (by means of a message on the screen) when it is time for calibration. However, our experts at Microtron do recommend tracking this carefully. After all, it is about the safety of your people and that of your customers. Devices that are used very frequently should therefore be recalibrated annually.

Please note that you will be without the devices for a calibration for two to four weeks. For some types of devices, this can take up to 8 weeks.

Our total service

Of course, the work does not stop during the calibration of your measuring equipment. We at Microtron are well aware of this. That is why we at Microtron have an extensive range of replacement equipment that can be delivered at a reasonable rental cost.

In addition to calibration, it is also important that the firmware of your measuring equipment always be up-to-date. The legal guidelines are constantly changing, which means that the settings of your measuring equipment must also always be adapted to these new standards. We understand that this is not always easy for you, due to lack of time and because the devices are often on the road. That is why our experts combine updating your device with calibration to save you valuable time. In addition, if there are defects on your device, those can also be resolved immediately.

Thanks to Microtron, it is also perfectly possible to expand the functionality of your current measuring device by means of software updates, without having to purchase a new device right away. We ensure that your device always meets your needs and wishes. For example: the hardware of a 4G meter is perfectly capable of measuring 5G radiation, but the software must be adapted. This gives you more functionality with the same meter.

Do you need more information regarding calibration of your Narda testequipement? Contact our experts!

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