RFID / AIDC applications within manufacturing

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Timely delivery to your client requires an environment where each production step is performed within the planned time frame and with the expected quality. That is why it can be valuable to implement measuring points throughout your production process that allow you to track the current activity in real-time. Multiple barcode and RFID solutions are available to register product transactions, such as the start and end times of a certain production step.

Transparency in your internal logistics process is essential for timely anticipating any disruption in component supply, allowing you to minimize impact on your production volumes and quality. The operators timely indicate when new resources should be supplied to a workstation. Barcodes and RFID can be applied in various ways. For informing forklift operators, for example, to transport certain components from an inventory location (marketplace) to a product location (line-side of cell location).




  • Production follow-up (WIP - work in progress)
  • Controlled material replenishment (material replenishment - wireless kanban)
  • Marketplace inventory
  • Quality assurance
  • Forklift routing
  • Asset management (RTIs, pallets, trucks, …)
  • Tier supplier ordering automation

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