Wired Network (LAN) 

Wired Network (LAN) 
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The data network is the heart of your organization. It links all ICT with each other and ensures that your employees can communicate efficiently with each other and can perform their work adequately. A poor data network could have a direct effect on your turnover. It is therefore necessary that you pay sufficient attention to this during the new construction or renovation of your building. This starts with the basis of your data network: switches, cables, routers etc. The requirements that will be imposed on your industrial network will have a major influence on the choice of equipment. Microtron has the expertise to guide you from the start to the completion of your project.

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For your industrial network, you must be able to count on reliable performance in hard environments. Hirschman has a complete range of Managed and Unmanaged Switches with Layer 2 (data link layer) and Layer 3 (network layer) options that offer you exactly what you need.


As we increasingly live in a connected world, there is also a large increase in industrial network performance and security requirements. With the OWL 4G family of mobile routers, Hirschmann offers fast wireless connectivity and secure remote access to meet the requirements and needs of an IIoT world. The OWL 4G family is compatible with mobile frequencies from around the world and…


A transceiver is a small module that is used for sending and receiving data. The most common transceivers are SFP (Small Factor Pluggable), SFP+, QSFP or QSFP28, but to know which transceiver you need, you need to answer some questions:
  • What speed is required?
  • Copper or fibreoptics?
  • Do you need Single or Multi mode?
  • What…

Management software

Laptops, industrial PCs, printers, phones, servers... your employees need this and much more to be able to perform their work effectively in a company. In order for all devices and employees to be able to communicate with each other properly, a stable and high-performance network has become almost indispensable in companies. This application allows you to monitor the entire…

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Step 1
Orientation phase

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