Project services

The technical knowledge of our team, together with our extensive experience, makes Microtron the perfect partner to carry out your project in the Benelux. Whether it concerns a large or small project, we treat every project with the same precision and care.  

Project management

Our project managers guide you every step of the way. From preparation to implementation and aftercare, they work out a result-oriented approach so that you stay within budget, meet set deadlines and, above all, achieve the qualitative requirements. All this, of course, in close consultation with you.


A prototype or proof of concept (POC) is developed for complex projects. This lets everyone involved see whether the intended goals can be achieved. At the drawing board, we look, along with you, at what you want to achieve, and we see whether theory actually corresponds to practice. Thanks to the design of a prototype, we get a lot of feedback through testing in the initial phase of a project, and we can eliminate obstacles before they actually become obstacles.


Specific projects require specific computers. That's why we configure box PCs, panel PCs, printers, motherboards and so much more. Our wide range and high-quality computer parts enable us to make the right selection to build the perfect computer for you. We not only do hardware configuration, you are also at the right place for software configuration (see software services).


We have our own technical room for the composition or assembly of your computer. Here, our specialists assemble your specifically configured industrial computer with the necessary professional expertise and precision. 


In addition to assembly, our technical specialists ensure that everything is perfectly integrated on site. Together with you, we will go over everything that needs to be taken into account and look at how we can make integration as smooth as possible with as little inconvenience to your company as possible.  


Our team will come to your location to complete the installation. Large or small installations, we do not shy away from any challenge. Our specialists come on site and ensure that the installation is done properly, down to the smallest details. We only deliver after extensive testing.


A project is not closed before we have taught you how everything works and how you can work with it. Time will always be made available to train you and your staff. This is part of our basic package of services that we offer when you become a customer. 


We offer various maintenance options. Read which services we offer in the chapter​ Maintenance.

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