Preventive maintenance

The nightmare of every company: unexpected failure of the installation. Not only does this cause a lot of headaches, the costs that this entails are often considerable. The best solution to avoid this is preventive maintenance. We are proactive in anticipating possible interruptions and, if necessary, we will replace parts. Preventive maintenance is not only cost effective, it also ensures that your installation continues to function properly. 

Longevity Services

In the industrial world, and certainly for embedded computers, a long lifespan is crucial. Microtron works closely with its suppliers to extend the life of devices and to ensure that the existing design does not need to be modified. If an EOL of a component occurs, we will inform our customers months before the component is no longer available. This gives us ample time to work together to plan a last-time buy and an alternative component. 

Extended Warranty

In addition to the standard warranty, you can also opt for an extended warranty. This protects your company against unforeseen repair costs even after the standard warranty has expired. Ask for our conditions and choose the extended warranty that suits you.

After-sales support

Our after-sales team is ready to help you with any obstacle you face. Not only can you be helped by telephone, our specialists also come on site if necessary. 

  • Remote service center
    Our team can be reached by telephone and will assist you with advice and action to solve the problem. We offer various custom modules so that you can choose the perfect remote support for you.  ​​​​​​

  • Field Service
    We also send our experienced technicians on the road. Not only to solve a problem, but also for preventive maintenance. The customer is always central to us, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the nuisance for you is limited as much as possible by developing a custom module for you so that you are sure to get the right support that your organization requires. 


Having a defective device is never pleasant. At Microtron, we do everything we can to minimize this inconvenience. Whether or not the device is still under warranty, we treat every RMA with the utmost care. We work closely with our suppliers to handle every RMA smoothly and quickly, so that you do not have to do without your device for long. To submit your request, go to “Customer Service - RMA”.

Spare Parts Management

To ensure that a breakdown can never become a long-term problem for you, we have set up a Spare Parts Management system. This means that we advise you on which spare parts must be available. In addition, we take care of the storage in our warehouse, and we also take care of the stock management so that you can focus on your own activities.

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