Efficient laundry management thanks to RFID.

Are you currently wasting time manually scanning bar codes? Do too many errors still occur when delivering or processing laundry? Are items regularly lost? Discover how RFID can simplify your process.

A wealth of information through data capture

The biggest advantage of RFID is undoubtedly data capture. Thus, RFID can avoid a lot of red tape. Various customized adjustments can be set up in the software. For example, think of a notification when certain items need to be re-treated or washed, when they need replacement.... This way, you no longer have to deal with manual notes per piece of garment. This can also save a lot of trouble for signing off invoices as proof of delivery.

But transporting laundry can also be a lot more efficient. This way you can easily have a complete overview of all items per company so that all items can be transported at once.

Moreover, human errors are also eliminated. Just think about reporting defects on certain garments. For example, when a repair is needed on the left sleeve. How do you currently resolve this? A manually written bill that you attach to the garment and after the first step is already gone? Thanks to RFID, you can start adding certain notes to a specific item software-wise, and with one scan you immediately know the status of this particular item. The note is then only removed from the system when the repair is done.

At Microtron, we offer a total solution from hardware to software. Our experts review together with you what steps are needed to simplify your laundry process.

Locate products easily

Garments as well as trolleys in which the garments are transported often go a long way. As a result, items are sometimes left behind or lost. In these situations, classic barcodes can make it extremely difficult or even impossible to determine exactly where the item is located or where it has gone wrong. By placing RFID gates at various key points, you can start locating products easily. When certain items do get lost, you can see at which gate the item was last located. With mobile hand scanners you can then search for the exact location of this item. 

In addition, you can also go and check that all items have gone through the washing process completely and correctly. From washing to handling or ironing. You can follow up perfectly whether items have gone through all the steps.

Save time thanks to automation

Manually scanning bar codes can often be a very time-intensive task in industrial environments with large mountains of laundry. RFID simplifies this process. Thanks to its wide range, you easily scan hundreds of tags simultaneously. Moreover, RFID does not require visual contact. In addition, scanning can also be done completely hands-free. This is ideal for garments that need to be sterilized or treated but also for contaminated garments that came into contact with asbestos, for example, and need to be handled with care. In addition, classic barcodes can lose their color intensity through washing which further complicates the scanning process. RFID laundry tags, on the other hand, last about 200 wash cycles on average, which is generally often longer than the garment itself. 

Do you also want to get started with RFID to simplify your washing procedures? Contact Microtron for more information.  

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