How do you secure and monitor your site?

You have certainly already noticed them: tall masts with cameras on sites or during road works. These are security masts that are used to surveil construction sites against possible problems. Examples include squatting on public or private sites and damage and/or theft of construction material on these sites. In order for these masts to function optimally and to be able to operate them, Microtron created a tailor-made system for several customers.

An industrial PC in a security mast is not unique in itself. But adding and combining different technologies is. For the customers, it was important to be able to connect to the mast remotely and to be able to locate it at all times. That is why Microtron developed a new system that combined different components.

A unique combination of technology

Microtron ensured that the security mast can function properly. By combining different components, a lot of additional tasks can now be performed remotely from other locations.


The addition of WiFi makes it possible to perform updates on site or remotely, to download images or data and to control the camera.


Due to the implementation of 4G, the industrial PC can be accessed externally. Such security masts are often not located in the most accessible places.

GPS system

Thanks to a GPS system, the security mast can always be found in the event of relocation or theft. The connection to 4G makes it possible to track the location.

Split storage system

By splitting the storage system, you always have access to your recordings and software with the industrial storage component.

Each of these components contributes to the efficient use of the security mast and the security of the site. But they also need additional connections and antennas. Getting all this in a box the size of a lunch box requires precision work and innovation. That's a fun challenge for Microtron.

Vibration challenges during movement

Another challenge is the relocation of such a security mast. The mounted masts are transported in a trailer or truck. The roads are not of equally good quality everywhere, so that the mast may be subjected to vibrations when moving. In small systems, every shift of even one millimetre can cause the connection to be broken. The placement of the industrial PC in the security mast therefore also requires some planning. Microtron offers test solutions tailored to the conditions: dusty or humid environments, vibrations, fast movements, dirt from outside, extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations.

Multifunctional application

Thanks to Microtron's development, the security masts are now also used for other purposes: protecting equipment and people at festivals or sports events, monitoring industrial sites, monitoring company sites, but also protecting solar panels or on railway lines to prevent copper theft. Where in the past it was only about locations where no one was present, they are now used as extra security in places where many people are present. There is thus always visual material available, which is a deterrent to people with bad intentions.

Total care: from development to unique label code

Despite the fact that a lot of technology has already been developed, finding a system that meets all your needs is not always simple. That is why we develop a customized solution for you, always adapted to your problems and industry. The development of a fully adapted computer system does not happen overnight. Microtron handles the development process completely from A to Z and completely takes care of everything for the customer. For example, we develop the system, we install the software, test the software and hardware and, if desired, we also provide special labelling. For example, each system has a special label code, so each system can be traced separately.

Do you also have a complicated problem where a technological adjustment can be the solution? Our engineers provide a customized solution, which is always reliable and targeted.


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