IT Coordinator Pieter: “Microtron is all about well-being and personal growth”

After working for 15 years as a software developer for large companies, Pieter Nickmans was ready for a new challenge. One that offered more flexibility, variety and energy. He found this at Microtron, an SME where flexibility is highly valued. Pieter has been a passionate member of the Microtron team for three years now.  

Freedom and flexibility

“I have a wide range of interests, and after 15 years of programming I wanted to do something different, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. At Microtron, I was given the freedom to find out what really interested me. So in my early days, I worked in different departments and was involved in a variety of projects. I supported the warehouse, helped in production, and accompanied the technical people in the field, but I was also involved in projects related to the website, accounting and administration. By getting actively involved in everything, after a while, it became clear that there was a need for more IT support. With my background, it was logical that I would be considered for this and so I took on the role of IT Coordinator. In a smaller SME like Microtron, roles are naturally less defined than in larger companies. This ensures that my job has remained very varied and I still get to work on a wide variety of projects.”

Personal contact at work

“As well as flexibility in my job, I was also looking for more personal contact with colleagues and I found that here too. I can honestly say that we are a close-knit team at Microtron. After my first week on the job, I felt like I had been part of the team for months or even years because of the collegiality that exists. The managers at Microtron are also very understanding and caring. Their door is always open to talk about both professional and personal situations. This means that there is no typical hierarchy at Microtron, where the bosses sit in an ivory tower. At Microtron they are close to the people and there is always room for dialogue.” 

The ability to respond quickly

“Another advantage Microtron has as a small SME, is that they can be extremely responsive. Both on practical matters and on new ideas about the company, your job or your team. Ideas do not get lost here. On the contrary, just talking to the boss can make things happen quickly. For example, if I need a new monitor, I can order it without too much fuss. Sometimes it will be on my desk the next day. But even if you want more responsibilities or have ideas about how to further innovate the company, the response can be quick. At Microtron you really have the opportunity to make a difference within the company and that is very motivating.”

Room for personal growth

“Here at Microtron, you are given a lot of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. With previous employers, I often had to beg for training, whereas at Microtron you are encouraged to take training courses. It is also common for management to suggest a training course that they feel will help you grow in your role. This can range from training specific to your job, such as AI and qualitative data storage, to training for your personal development, such as a communication workshop.”

Well-being at work

“I had a good feeling about the general culture and atmosphere at Microtron right from the start. For example, a lot of initiatives are put in place to make people enjoy their work. These include fun team-building activities and team dinners, but also a relaxing walk in the afternoon. In addition, the infrastructure is fully adapted to the needs of the employees. We have renovated offices, ergonomic desks, exercise balls to sit on, dynamic workspaces, but also biscuits and fruit, benches and umbrellas for outdoor lunches... Not only do they provide everything we need to work in comfort, but they also go the extra mile. For example, they have thought of a welcome pack, an 'employee day', a work anniversary, a summer barbecue... So we really are pampered here!”

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