Network services

Network services
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Network & security organization

Does your network no longer meet your requirements? Do you need to expand your network, do you want to make your network more secure, or do you want to go for a completely new network? Whatever design you have in mind, we provide the necessary configuration of all components. You can turn to us for both LAN/WAN/WIFI and Security. We roll out a security and network strategy that suits you and that guarantees that you as a company are online 24/7. 

Network design & audit

A network must grow with a company and is thus often expanded when the need arises. An overview of the structure is often lost over time, which jeopardizes the performance of the network. We can fully map your existing network via our network and security audit. After the audit, we provide you with:

  • a clearly drawn diagram of your current structure
  • a description of the active network components
  • an evaluation of the stability and efficiency of your network

The audit gives us the opportunity not only to map your existing environment but also to make concrete recommendations to adapt your design where necessary with the necessary focus on availability and safety. 

Network maintenance & troubleshooting

Problems with your network or WiFi cause a lot of stress, especially when users are confronted with them. To avoid this, you must keep an eye on your network at all times. You can also turn to us for this. We take care of the monitoring via the necessary software and detect the problems at an early stage and assist you in resolving them before they are detected by your users. We offer this service with every new network, but we can also offer this service for your existing network after an audit. 

Wireless & wired site survey

Nothing as frustrating as WiFi that does not work properly, but do you know the coverage and signal strength in the workplace? Do you know which devices are all on your network and whether they connect to the internet? With the help of Workgroup Analyser, we visually map the full coverage and signal strength of your environment. Based on this analysis, we can make an efficient scheduling of access points to increase the performance of your network. 

Risk-based scoping

For each network, new or existing, it is advisable to draw up a list of requirements for security. Mapping existing and new risks is necessary for this. We do this based on table-top exercises. We identify the most important risks to optimize the design of your network. Afterwards, we review the proposed solution and check whether the measures taken are sufficient and effectively complied with.

Network as a Service (NAAS)

Not everyone needs a network 24/7, but everyone wants to be able to rely on a properly functioning and secure network 24/7. It makes sense that you only pay for a network when you actually use it. We have the solution for you!
What can you expect from us?

  • 24/24 managed service
  • LAN/WAN/WIFI and Security according to your needs
  • Monthly invoice with only what was used. 

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